Thursday, April 16, 2009

Disney On Ice

I was invited to go to Disney on Ice tonight with "you know who"! Paige-ee-poo and her mommy and I had a grand girls' night out.

First came Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, etc. in a cute little red car that was broken and then the Cars came out and fixed it. Very cute.

The Little Mermaid was next and we had colored bubbles and Sebastian and Flounder and all the cute little sea creatures. I love the Under the Sea music.

Then The Lion King was next with the African drum beat. It was the loudest of all.

They gave us a little break and last was Tinkerbell, which was Paige's favorite, she said. All the costumes and sets and lights, etc. were very magical and I imagine even more magical to a child.

We bought a Cinderella princess-type flashing light toy, snow cone, popcorn and had a great time. I think Paige is old enough that she will remember this as a magical night. I know I did when I was a child and saw it. I still remember how much I loved the costumes and lights and all the colors. Good night, sweet girl. Sleep tight. Sweet dreams.

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  1. How special! I'm so glad you had this wonderful opportunity to remember your own childhood adventure and to share in Paige's now, too. May she live magic and adventure, dreams and illustration every day!