Monday, April 20, 2009


This is not a very clear pic but it's really difficult to photograph pets and children because they won't be still! ha! Plus the light was low and I was trying not to use the flash because I might get that awful "pet eye" glowing look.

This is our oldest daughter's cat that we inherited because her husband is allergic to cats. Her name is Halle and she is so sweet and so beautiful. Her eyes are beautiful and I wanted to capture them. I'm tired and this is the best I gave it for tonight.
The Pal effect with Minnie and Mickey was what I was trying to capture. She just jumped up on the sofa and got right between Mickey and Minnie.

These are the little moments in our lives that my husband and I get so childishly delighted about. I know it's silly but it's fun!


  1. Funny because I just posted to my 365 a picture of my children's books. I so totally can relate to these good, child-like moments! It keeps the joy alive in the day to day. :)

  2. Not a blog...just a set on an internet photo sharing program. There are almost as many users and groups as there are bloggers and blogs! Here's the link to the 365 set (click on any of the photos and it'll take you close up and to the details).

    And if you click on mysadiegirl above my little picture, it'll take you to the main screen. Fun little program and if you'd like to post there, too, and need some help, just e-mail me!