Monday, April 27, 2009

Warmer Weather

Worked hard today sewing just about all day. This is what I plan to do tomorrow. The water temperature in the pool today was 78! I try to wait for 80 but I may just go ahead and get in tomorrow with Paige and relax some.

I had a friend that saw this photo and commented that I needed to get out some. I asked her why she said that and she said, "taking pictures of your feet?" I told her that I had just painted my toenails which was a rare occurrence and my feet and hands are the only parts of my body that aren't fluffy! ha!


  1. I think it's a great shot for the delicious, fruity toenails and the refreshing cool that is a swimming pool on a warm summer day. Indulge and enjoy a dip and some play!

    P.S., And thank you for the sweet comments you always leave me on my blog posts (and fb, too!). I've really, really enjoyed sharing time with you and it's your work, your person that also inspires me to look for beauty in my every day. Life is but the blessings we seek and the spirit to be in gratitude of them! :)

  2. Ah! A sigh of relaxation. I'm jealous....hope ya'll enjoy the sunshine and the cool water!

  3. I wish I could come to relax poolside! I probably should take some pictures of my feet, too. I don't think they had been polished in about two years! ha! I broke my "natural" streak last week! However, as my two little ones are getting older, I am able to snatch some time away for the smaller things like pedicures and such.