Saturday, April 11, 2009

More of Easter

Boy, oh Boy, is this commitment! I am definitely too tired to post on a blog but I'm doing it because I committed myself to doing it every day of this year! whew!

These are a few more decorations Paige and I put out for Easter today. At first I didn't like the photo. It's dark and a little blurred and it's straight out of the camera. I tried working with it a little on the computer and I just like it the way it is because the mirrored shelf is old, the bunnies are very old and it just has an antique look. The eggs are very special. A very dear lady in our church who is in her 80s paints ceramics and has been for many, many years. Every year she has painted these Easter eggs for my children and nieces and nephews for me to give as gifts as they grew up. Now that they're grown, she has been giving me one every year even though I didn't place an order for them. She is so sweet to do it and they are so special to me. She also has been painting a Christmas ornament every year for me.
Tomorrow when I have better light, I want to photograph each egg separately so you can see the detail. They are exquisite.

But, for now, goodnite all and hope you have a blessed Easter tomorrow.

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