Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting Ready for Easter!

I love to decorate for holidays - all holidays. I remember a restaurant in the little town my mother lives that I visited once in which the owner had a bare tree in some sort of pot close to the front door. I think the bare branches were painted white but I'm not sure of that. But she hung decorations on that tree for every occasion or holiday including Valentine's Day. I just loved that. I think she kept little white lights on it, too.

Today I went into the attic to get out my Easter/Spring decorations that I've had for years and years and I still love them. This wreath I've had for many years. It was the only decoration that made it to its place! But there's tomorrow. . .

We are having our families here on Easter so I want to decorate and clean the house. I started with the cleaning, too, but will have to finish tomorrow because I needed and wanted to sew tonight:) Easter sewing, of course!

Happy Easter and Spring to all of you!

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  1. Pretty, pretty wreath. Happy Easter to you and your families. Know love and warmth, joy and glory!