Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Day

Here are our two little egg hunters taking a break to sit in the swing. They really play well together and had such a good time together. They are 3rd cousins. And Easter Bunny came to see both of them!

The Easter Bunny cake made by my youngest daughter. It was very good - coconut!

A thank you gift for my youngest daughter for caring for our pets and keeping a watch on everything at our house while we were at the beach. I bought the pot at the beach, was given the fern by my friend at the beach and bought the daisy and planted it. It turned out cute. She's going to put it in her sun room. It will look gorgeous there!

Just a cute little bunny kitchen towel I found. No, I did not make it but I liked it enough to buy it because it looked handmade.

This little Easter tree is one I've had many years and the ornaments have been collected over the years. Paige decorated it. Some of the ornaments her mommy painted when she was a little girl.

Had to include a photo of these jelly bellies because I asked my husband to get some jelly beans. He went into the grocery store and got some at one of those machines and couldn't stop the flow of jelly beans! He ended up with way too many but couldn't put them back! Guess we'll have jelly beans for a while.

And our table. Paige helped me do this, too. I think it looks pretty and just very simple.

We had a wonderful Easter with about twenty people here. Hope you enjoyed my Easter "tour". I really do enjoy holidays. I just wish my oldest daughter and her husband could have been here:( We missed you.


  1. Everything was so nice and we sure had fun! Paige doesn't look too happy in that picture!

  2. Loved the Easter tour, very much. Thank you for sharing, from your home to ours. It's super special for me because there was only my hubby and I, plus our dog, Sadie...very quiet, and nice. But, I don't decorate and I don't have a cute little Easter egg hunter or two who also enjoy cake!

    Warmth and goodness be yours every day of this Easter season!