Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Birds in the Spring

This is a really close-up photo of one of the nests in our martin house which looks like a condominium for birds! Just about every year about this time, my husband puts it up (he lowers it when they leave) and we start watching them. He's more observant than I am and has pointed out to me that every year a sparrow lives in one of the little nests. I heard him say today that he's noticed a hawk that is bothering the martins. That's interesting. Will be interesting to watch and see what happens. Usually we have barn swallows that build mud nests on the vinyl columns of our house (which is unusual, I think, because I read that they like to build on wood as in BARNS!) but this year I haven't seen any nests being built yet. They are members of the same bird family as the martins.

I love Spring and watching nature during this time and have decided to make an effort to be more observant and watchful of the life around us outside at this time of year as my husband does. Would love to hear some of your stories!


  1. I love watching hawks! Sometimes when we cut hay, there will be a hawk circling the field looking for mice. My dad has seen them swoop down and pick things up...i havent' seen that, but it is very interesting to watch them.

  2. Great close-up! Watching the birds at the feeder, particularly just before a storm or during if the rain isn't too heavy is a favorite of mine, too. When I lived in Columbus, I did happened to see a hawk swoop down and, sadly, prey on a female cardinal. I sat there, watching from my bedroom window where it was happening in my yard, not ten feet away, aghast, wanting to cry, yet in complete awe at the cycle of life. I won't go into details, but, it was incredible for the mechanics of it all. Owls and hawks are my favorites for their power and beauty and the birds at the feeder are just silly and pretty.

    Thanks for this chance to share stories, from here to there!