Saturday, March 28, 2009

Playing in Puddles!

About mid-morning today, I headed outside in my pjs and waterproof shoes and a rain jacket to play in the puddles with my camera!

All this reminded me of when I was a kid and took the time to really look at things like this. Remember seeing reflections of different things in rain puddles or seeing a rainbow in oil on concrete?

The two photos above are reflections of trees in a big puddle on our sidewalk (yes, we do have a sidewalk even though we live in the country! ha!).

I kept splashing around looking for something different and found this reflection of a tire on my husband's tractor reflected in a puddle on the concrete in our carport.

As I walked up to our mailbox, I saw these two cows trying to cross in the flooded waters across the road from our house. They were trying to get to dry land where all the other cows were. It sounded as if the other cows were calling them to come over to dry land!

Also, as I was walking to the mailbox, I came across this cute little fellow, a nice surprise!

I know turtles are supposed to be slow but he was moving pretty fast. Only once did he stand still for my camera. He was going as fast as he could to get away from me. I just love his colors and had to get a photo of him. I wonder where he went and where he is now.

I had a great morning playing in the rain and hope you enjoy my photos!

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