Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I wear many hats but this was the "hat" I wore today at the hospital. There's no photo of me in this hat but I know I looked very cute:) I actually had a good time but hope I didn't embarrass my husband or daughter. They told me I was hilarious and some things I did and said that I don't remember. They said I kept wanting to shake hands with the doctor and asked the doctor how old he was, etc. I do remember that when I woke up and the nurse was "unhooking" me from all the paraphernalia and told me I could get up and get dressed now, that I told her I didn't want to get up and get dressed and didn't they have a place they could take me and leave me for about an hour so I could take a nap! ha!

But results were quick procedure, good doctors, good nurses, good facility, and good results and, hopefully, not having to go back and do it again for 10 years! Yay! The only bad thing about it was drinking that "floor cleaner" the day before - yuk!

Now. . . on to quilting, sewing, babysitting, reading, drawing, my camera, my computer, my church, my family, my life!!!

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