Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yesterday and Today

Paige and I traveled to visit my mother today and take her a plate of home-cooked food to eat tonight. But. . . we had company go along with us as you can see above. Minnie had to be buckled in, too. Minnie brought her little girl with her (not pictured!) and this little girl's bottle (also not pictured). Minnie's little girl looks just like her mother except her clothing is a lighter shade of pink:)

We had lunch with my mother - sandwiches and raisins - and I painted her mailbox for her (also not pictured). I took photos of the pretty flowers blooming in her yard - azaleas, wisteria, little 8 o'clocks (this is what my mother calls them - I don't know what they are) and snowdrops (?). Maybe I can post those photos tomorrow.

Just had to include this addendum to yesterday's post! These are some little wildflowers Paige picked for me yesterday. They're her favorite color - yellow - and I floated them in water which she absolutely loved!

Just touches of Spring everywhere. I love it, Paige loves it and even Minnie Mouse and her little girl loved it!


  1. I'm glad baby minnie got to go along!

  2. I know Minnie brought love and sunshine to your mom as did you and Paige. A sweet day you had, a perfect spring day!