Friday, March 27, 2009


Why is learning this new technology so difficult for me?!? I cannot tell you how many "Dummie" books I have or have had in the past (or the VISUAL books!). My present challenge is iTunes for some reason. We just have a little iPod shuffle and that's all I want is a little music to listen to while I clean house, ride my bike, things like that but it takes me FOREVER to change my music on it. I can't remember how I did it the last time and I stay on the site for hours sometimes trying to figure this out! It's driving me crazy! I know it should be simple, right?

I really think I am more "right-brained" than "left-brained". But I keep plugging along:) Oh, and by the way, I just completely FORGOT to post yesterday. Just completely slipped my mind!

1 comment:

  1. You make me SMILE! Throw the books aside. You're doing so well on your own, trying this, going at that. It's a matter of repetition, in time. Before you know it, those tunes will sing in and out at your touch. Rock out and enjoy all the things you do, all that you will do!