Friday, March 20, 2009

The Cat and the Mouse

We have 3 cats and one dog. This is our biggest and furriest and most laid back cat, Peekie (short for Peek-A-Boo). Does he look like he would hurt a flea? No. And he wouldn't! But he is constantly hunting and bringing us the goods! He has brought in mice, tree frogs, fish, craw fish, and "somebody" brought in a snake once! We don't know for sure who did that but have an idea and I don't think it was Peekie.

Anyway, the excitement for the day was brought to us by Peekie. I was washing dishes from lunch, just here with the animals. The dog was asleep on the couch, another cat, Halle, was asleep on the other couch, and another cat, Rudi, was way up high on the top of the refrigerator where he mostly lives, when all of a sudden Peekie comes crashing through the pet door in the kitchen with a big, huge, fat mouse in his mouth and runs to Paige's playroom in the back of the house!

Here is the room where he took the mouse. I took quick action and shut the door, rolled up a beach towel and barricaded the room so no one could get out. I called my husband and asked him if we had any mousetraps. He said yes and just to wait until he got home and he'd find them and take care of it. I left the cat AND the mouse in the barricaded room and waited. I could hear the cat playing with the mouse, just having a good old time! ha!

When my husband got home, he found the mousetraps but ended up just taking a broom and killing the mouse and set the cat free. Life in the country! I'm ok with it unless someone brings a snake into the house again, especially in the bedroom when we're asleep!

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  1. That crazy Peekie! Sounds like it was a pretty big one!