Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Only Once a Year!

Yesterday was a partly sunny/partly cloudy day - depending on how you look at it! But I took the opportunity to photograph our Lady Banks climbing rose. It is just gorgeous and bursting with beautiful yellow (Paige's favorite color!) blooms. The only downside to this rose is that it only blooms once at the beginning of Spring and that's it:(

Here is a close up of how the bloom looks.

And another. I have decided to cut some and make a beautiful bouquet to bring inside to brighten up our world in here, especially since it will only bloom this one time. Happy Spring to everyone!


  1. They are gorgeous if but for such a brief period of time. A sunny bouquet will look lovely...in Paige's favorite color! :)

  2. You should let Paige cut them - she'd get more practice for the next time she cuts her hair!

  3. ha! that's funny! That girl loves to cut! Good idea, though. She would love to cut some flowers, put them in a vase of water. I think we'll do that! thank you, marty!