Monday, March 30, 2009

No Problem!

The Instrument!!

The Evidence!!

Paige cut her hair today! While I was getting paper for her to cut (I was on drugs and slow - antihistamines! ha!) and she was sitting at the bar with her kiddy scissors waiting, I heard her exclaim, "I cut my hair, BearBear!"

And here it is! She cut it almost down to the scalp right in the front but, thank goodness, it was long but not very wide! I told her mother she would have a new hairstyle for Easter and that she was being paid back for cutting one of our cat's whiskers down to a nub with her kindergarten scissors when she was a little one! ha!

All children cut their own hair at one time or another, don't they?!?

I had NO PROBLEM finding a subject to post today!


  1. AWESOME! So cool that you guys didn't freak, just knew the things that are little girls (and boys!). :)

  2. this is i am dying to see a picture of her new hairdo. :)